About WHF

About WHF

Hi, I'm Whitney, the person behind WHF Design Studio.  I am a registered architect in Texas and hold an NCARB certificate.  I received my professional degree in architecture from Oklahoma State University (Go Pokes!) and has a lifelong passion for pursuing a variety of artistic endeavors.

I view design and art as a backdrop to the adventures of life.  Design surrounds us as we are born, live, work and make memories.  Through daily interactions with our environment, we find ourselves and one another.  Artistic design supports the expression of humanity’s being.

My ~15 years of experience working with and managing small to mid-size hospitality design firms has allowed the opportunity to cultivate a diverse skill set as a well-rounded architect and artist.  I enjoy creating artwork as a compliment to her ongoing architectural design career.

Flexing to fit my current preferences and place in life, WHF Design Studio has been many things over the years.  Graphic design, branding, residiential design, drafting services have all been offered at various career stages.  WHF is currently a casually run art studio and also a blog focused on sharing knowledge.  But I have not left architecture behind, since 2018 I have been enjoying a hospitality-focused architectural and interior design career working at Harrison Architecture and Design in Dallas.

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Artistic design is a window through which we view the world the way we feel it is or the way we wish it were.  Art and architecture capture the essence of humanity’s being.  A singular moment viewed with an artful eye can become a shared experience with the force to change the path of human history.  Through art and design we discover ourselves, we find each other, and together we grow.


  • Dallas CASA Parade of Playhouses Design Competition – Winner 2011
  • Dallas CASA Parade of Playhouses Design Competition – Final Jury Round 2010



“Whitney was an invaluable creative asset when I was helping to build a local nonprofit from the ground up. She was effortlessly able to seamlessly blend our core values, organizational mission, and aspirational culture into a comprehensive design and style guide that still feels fresh and exciting almost a decade later. Her logo design now has national recognition as we’ve promoted work around the country, and is proudly printed on countless T-shirts, buttons, bags, and all kinds of promotional merchandise.” – September 21, 2017


Whitney “helped create a wonderful marketing package for my company [Rittiluechai Architecture PC]. The website has brought me lots of compliments and business. All of the work done has been timely and at a high quality. I reccommend the full range of services to anyone needing a website, branding, brochures, etc…”  February 9, 2010


“I found her to be a talented, hardworking and dependable on all projects we were involved with. I quickly found that I could rely on her judgment and designing and producing skills and I had to supervise her little to obtain excellent results. Whitney is not only a talented intern architect, but is also an excellent graphic artist as well. I found her writing skills to be invaluable on a project that required we create a design manual for a client and without her generous contribution, we could not have satisfied the client.

I cannot recommend Whitney highly enough and she will be an asset to any organization with which she chooses to associate.” April 3, 2009


“Whitney created a great design for my firm. I have needed a “brand” for some time. She is the best. Very creative.”  March 11, 2010