wondARTful | Ep1: Painting Tutorial: Pink/Gold Fluid Pour

wondARTful | Ep1: Painting Tutorial: Pink/Gold Fluid Pour

This is my first time recording the process of creating my artwork. So I hope you like it. Positive criticism is appreciated.

Thank you for viewing.

The actual time spent painting was about an hour not including drying time. I have significantly increased the playback rate of the video to make it more useful for people who have time constraints.

Supplies needed to recreate wondARTful Episode 1 artwork:

  1. Canvas
  2. Disposable cups
  3. Inexpensive Brushes
  4. Acrylic Paint (1 Antique White, 3 Different Pinks, 1 Gold)
  5. Airbrush medium (or water)
  6. Silicone Lubricant (~$4 hardware store, likely located near power tools)

Update:  Despite much positive feedback, I’ve decided I don’t like this one that much.  It was an experimental piece and I’m painting over it to create something better.  If you were really hoping to buy it I can make a (better) custom version.